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Using The BathMate to Make Faster Length and Girth Gains

The BathMate penis pump has been on the market for about 2 years with excellent reviews from most users. Using the BathMate as a standalone pump is wonderful and the gains are great but I am always looking to push the limits and get more out of any penis enlargement exercise. In the case of the BathMate I wanted to create a solid girth and length routine that will really take advantage of the BathMate and it's incredible power.

Girth was my first project. With pumping there is always a very fast temporary gain that is made after each session. In many cases guys can make up to an inch gain in girth in their first session but since it is temporary most users will only retain a small portion of that temporary gain as a permanent gain. Over time the permanent gains will become bigger and bigger. This is fine but I wanted more than that from a routine so I started modifying how I used the BathMate.

Supersets in penis enlargement are combinations of 2 or more exercises to make faster gains. In the case of the BathMate I decided to combine the power of the Slow Squash Jelq in combination with BathMate pumping. This combination, or superset, has been the most powerful supersets I have ever created. First let me tell you how to do the Slow Squash Jelq, please read this over and completely understand the exercise:

Slow Squash Jelq:
Highly sexual. I look at a session with the same frame of mind I would with masturbation or sex. I want to be highly aroused and ready to enjoy the session. I like to be laying down with a good porno on with total privacy.

I set a time in advance (sometimes I go beyond that time) I usually dedicate 45 minutes to the session. I do not count how many I am doing my one and only goal is MAXIMUM EXPANSION for each and every session. I can tell by looking at my GIRTH that I am fully engorged and this is where I want to be as this is where GIRTH gains are. One rep of this exercise can last as long as 3 minutes for me (it really depends on endurance and hand strength) My hands get very cramped and I need to switch positions every 5 minutes or so. As time goes on your hands will get stronger.

I get myself fully erect. Once I have an optimum erection I will kegel as much blood into my penis as possible than with one hand (as shown) I clamp off at the base. I need some room to move the blood around so I will squeeze my glans releasing a small amount of blood than I clamp off again. The hand clamped off at the extreme base slowly and intensely jelq up maybe an inch. Once in this position I take the heal of the other hand and squash the blood from by head downward against the hand clamping. I am still applying upward pressure with the clamped hand as the heal of the upper hand continues to push the blood around. Very similar to an Isolated Compression Squeeze the difference being the upper hand is open and the heal of the hand is used to push against the resisting hand. As I said above I will do one rep for about 2-3 minutes at which time I release do a few Dual Dry Jelqs and begin the next set.

My goal, as stated above is MAXIMUM EXPANSION. I gage this by looking at my wrists while training and I make a visual comparison of the GIRTH of my penis to the GIRTH of my wrist. I want to get myself thicker than my wrist and I do this every session. Just for fun when I surpass my wrist GIRTH I start looking at my ankles (yeah right!) but it is fun to try.

Here are some illustration I just drew that will hopefully help you guys understand better.

You can also see this exercise on video by joining the Matters of Size Video Site

Now with understanding how to do the Slow Squash Jelq you are ready to do your first workout using the superset. This routine can be done in the shower or bath using the BathMate or used out of the bath with some warm water. Here is how it works. If using in the bath you can ignore this part. Fill BathMate with about a cup of warm to hot water, whatever temperature you are comfortable with. Now you can attach the BathMate and pump it up to a good pressure. At this point the BathMate will be firmly attached via the incredible suction.

DLD BathMate Girth Blasters Super-Set Routine:
Now perform the following 3 sets of supersets

1. Pump for a total of 5 minutes and release the BathMate
Slow Squash jelq for a total of 5 minutes

2. Pump for a total of 5 minutes and release the BathMate
Slow Squash jelq for a total of 5 minutes

3. Pump for a total of 5 minutes and release the BathMate
Slow Squash jelq for a total of 5 minutes


This girth routine will ROCK YOUR WORLD, nothing more powerful for girth work. As stated you will see gains after first session, after about 4 weeks this will be a permanent girth gain. Continue this routine until you have reached your girth goal.

Using the BathMate for length again will happen naturally with the pump alone but again, WE WANT THE GAINS FASTER! This routine will take advantage of the BathMate's incredible suction power.

About 5 years ago I invented a stretching style called "Expressive Stretching" This stretching style looked to pull internal penis from the body. If you lay back on your bed and trace your penis from the bottom of the base inward you can feel inches of internal penis trapped inside the body. This length is hard to get at with traditional penis enlargement exercises so I was out to find a way of effectively stretching this internal penis and allowing it to be expressed. Back in the day I used a PowerAssist to do this work but soon after I started using the BathMate I found I could do these stretches even better. Using the suction of the BathMate I can effectively pull out and stretch this new internal penis. This exercise is very powerful and should be done with caution in the beginning.

DLD Hardcore BathMate Stretches
Get yourself 100% erect and attach the BathMate. I like to use water in the chamber but this exercise can be done dry if proper pressure can be found or in the bath or shower.

Pump up to a high pressure. You will want enough suction that you can pull on the BathMate with intensity and the BathMate stays attached.

Once good suction is found you can start the exercise. It may be necessary to repump periodically to keep good suction for these stretches.

Upward Stretches: At an upward angle, using both hands, stretch the chamber upward. You will not be able to go straight up as the tube will get in the way so go as high as possible. do 3 stretches for 30 seconds each.

Straight Outward Stretches to Center: Again, be sure to have good suction. 3 stretches for 30 seconds.

Straight Out to the Left: 3 stretches for 30 seconds.

Straight Out to the Right: 3 stretches for 30 seconds.

Now, downward stretches will feel a bit different as you will be stretching and pulling-pushing against the erection angle (unless you have a low erection angle) EIther way, this will be the most intense part).

Straight Down Stretches: Again, be sure to have good suction and good EQ. 3 stretches for 30 seconds.

Straight Down to the Left: 3 stretches for 30 seconds.

Straight Down to the Right: 3 stretches for 30 seconds.

After this part of the routine I like to do a 10 minute set of manual stretches, something simple and more of a warm down if anything else.

I will have a video up tonight explaining this routine in detail.

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